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Management Services

What services does Rapid Property Management include?

That is simple, everything.

Real Estate Investing and Rental Property Knowledge and Experience.

Our staff of property managers are consistently researching the local market to ensure that we are providing the most up to date information.

Strong Relationships
Our goal is to build a positive relationship with both the property owners and tenants. We have found that this provides the best possible experience for both parties, helping to improve tenant retention and increase occupancy rates.

Property Advertising
One of our staff will always personally show every property no exceptions.

Tenant Screening and Selection
This includes verifying identity, income, credit history, and rental history.

Tenant Placement
This includes lease signing, setting up renter’s insurance, move-in condition inspection, and ensuring all utilities are transferred promptly.

Rent Collection and Owner Draw Disbursement
Tenants have multiple options for paying their rent, which increases the amount of on time rent payments, and allows us to distribute owner funds promptly on the 10th of every month via ACH.

Handle Evictions
This is something that we strive to reduce through strict tenant screening. However, when we do have to evict an occupant, we do not take it lightly. In addition to handling the legal side of the eviction, we will also turn the tenant over to collections in an attempt to collect back rent.

Monthly Property Check
This allows us to ensure that your property is still occupied but also note any damage to the exterior of the property.

Conduct and Document Property Inspections
These are done on a quarterly basis, and all reports are provided to you so that you can see the condition of your property is in.

Tenant Repair Requests
We personally investigate all requests for repairs and maintenance, as well as coordinate and oversee any repairs that need to be made. We will also pay maintenance and repair bills as well as your mortgage from owner funds.

Coordinate Tenant Move-out
This includes performing a full move-out inspection and scheduling any necessary repairs.

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